our management team

calvin reilly

chief executive officer

My business experience started at the age of 19 when I got my first restaurant general manager position. I worked in the industry for about 40 years during which time I became familiar with opening up new units, taking over negative units. I have learned the importance of hiring correctly, training, scheduling, food and labor costs. The combination of those expenses combined with the fixed expense to make a profit and what is involved. During my tenure I experienced the restaurant business had an average 416% turnover, during my time as a manger I averaged 67%; so, I understand people.

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francis ed reilly

chief financial officer

My background is a bit diverse.  I spent several years working in the hospitality/restaurant industry in many different capacities for several different restaurants throughout South Dakota and Arizona. During those years I developed strong customer service skills and a good work ethic. I may also add that I learned the value of managing a dollar to get everything possible out of it both professionally and personally.

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elizabeth dallenbach

executive director of compliance

From a young age I found I really enjoyed interacting with people. So, like most, I started my career off in the customer service industry. One thing that really surprised me was I seemed to excel in the areas of conflict resolution with angry customers and could easily resolve whatever issue there was, regardless of the validity of the complaint. I found I had a way of dealing with people where at the end of the conversation, all parties walked away if not happy, at least content with the outcome.

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gayle reilly

head of manufacturing

I have little to no business experience. My experience is in helping people. I have worked in the Child Welfare system for over 20 years both in NY and SD. I have seen what drug and alcohol addictions can do to people and families. What I have rarely seen is how marijuana use has negatively impacted a child’s safety. If the family was affected, it was most likely because the parent had received criminal charges for possessing or using marijuana – again the child’s safety was rarely at risk.

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